NAVITEQ works with GPS technology. As the only operator in Bulgaria of a network of GNSS reference stations, NAVITEQ offers professional GNSS services and equipment. We develop a detailed geospatial database of Bulgaria and our own specialized software for working with GPS and creating digital maps. We offer fully integrated navigation solutions – GPS (NDrive) devices and software based on NAVITEQ digital map.
Services for geodetic measurements
  • Post processing with accuracy of up to 1 cm.
  • RTK - 2 cm.
  • Free DGNSS – 0,5-3 m.
Географски данни за България
  • Full Bulgarian digital map – settlements, addresses, road and street network, water features, relief, POI
NDrive навигатори, PDA смартфони
  • NDrive PNA, smartphones
  • NDrive navigation software – full Europe maps and detailed Bulgarian map.
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